Running a Non-Profit? Here are 5 Likely Places You Might Get Grants from

For startups in the Silicon Valley, funding solutions are handled by venture capitalists and angel investors. Their business model is pretty simple: They look for potential in the startup and fund it if they see profits coming their way.

On the other hand, non-profits have a dilemma. By their very definition, non-profits are not designed to make profits, that is, they do not distribute the surplus amongst investors, shareholders or any other concerned entities.

Some of the examples of these organizations include charitable institutions, trade unions, public art enterprises, and so on.

However, just like regular for-profits, these organizations also need to fund themselves to get started.

If you are a non-profit organization, your first concern might be getting appropriate funding. Here are 5 ways you can find grants and do grant management for your non-profits:

Your Board

Your board should be the first obvious choice for fundraising. Arrange a meeting with all the board members and present your proposal. If they like it, they might offer to fund it through various ways, like through family foundations and corporate funding events. They might also introduce you to people who might find funding your project relevant.

Your Local Grantmakers’ Organizations

If you are living in a metropolitan area, it is very likely that your local areas have some grantmakers’ associations.

These are funding organizations that might specialize for providing funding in specific areas, like artifacts preservation, or they might be funding in all areas.

Make sure you get the list of their members and study guidelines.

Regional Foundations Directories

Another way to look for fundraisers is to sift through your regional foundations’ directory. You might find an organization that funds specifically in your non-profit area. Contact them and get to know them better.

The Online Foundation Center

The US Online Foundation Center contains a database of different funding entities in the country. You can easily search the directory for multiple criteria and get the desired results.

If you do not have free access to the online directory, you can access it from a local regional foundation center.

Government-Funded Programs

There are a few initiatives from the Federal government, like The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance or Grants.Gov that can help you research different grant programs and look for their key guidelines.

Depending on the funding organization, you will be able to apply for grant funding online.

With a team of passionate enthusiasts, we at Systems for Good provide grant management solutions for non-profits. From simplifying grant’s reviews to monitoring your non-profit’s impact, the company helps your non-profits thrive in many ways.


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