Most Important Steps Leading Up to Grant Management

Let’s talk grants. Successful grant management starts well before the application process begins and the funds are allocated to a deserving recipient. Everything from researching the most appropriate grants available, effective grant design, strategic delegation and more are essential elements for successful grants management. Here, we will share with you the most important steps leading up to successful grant management, as well as, how automating the process can wrap it all up into a well-received presentation.

Know your many options. Keep in mind that there are different cost principles for different types of organizations, i.e. universities vs. hospitals vs. no profits and so on. While there is an ever-evolving focus on creating more uniformity between these, the current regulations must be complied with. These regulations define how federal grant money can be spent and they vary by type of recipient organization. That said, understanding federal guides around Cost Principles and Auditing from the Office of Budget and Management will set you up for success and direction in the long run. A great place to start researching the latest policies and procedures is by visiting the entity you are seeking a grant from or performing an overall search inquiry prompting updated regulatory compliance for grants

Good Systems in Place. When applying for federal grants, there are certain standards that must be implemented and accurately updated. Even in the event your request for funds are not federally-granted, these systems serve as very helpful programs to have in place and allow for easy tracking and reporting when the time for writing grant narratives approaches.

  • Accounting History

  • Budget Intentions

  • Time Keeping

Having these systems in place will not only show your credibility but also streamline your grant-writing process as all of the information is readily available. You’ll want to clearly state the reasons for your request for funds and how you intend to allocate them once awarded.

Identify Key Contributors. Grant writing is an undertaking that should be delegated to those who are appropriately suited for the aspects they are managing within the process. You’ll want to determine ahead of time who your responsible parties will be for different aspects of the grant-writing process. You’ll also want to ensure that they are well aware of the laws, requirements and best practices for their respective roles in the grant management route.

Prepare the presentation. Successful grant management is not just in the preparation, but also the delivery. Once you’ve put all of the above into play, you’ll want to bring it all together in a clean and acceptable format that makes the process easy for both your organization and the grantor. Fortunately, automation of grant management process exists and it supports you through the entire process from leading up to application all the way to approval.

Because grant management can have a lot of moving parts and the capacity to change hands often for review and revisions, it is ideal to keep everything in one place where remote access is available to the above-listed parties you delegated early on. Systems for Good help you simplify grant reviews and approvals, with one-click access to feedback, reports and more.

Our team’s expertise includes grant making, comprehensive front end application development as well as grant and donor management for corporations and nonprofit organizations. Find out more about how we can help your nonprofit get the funds you need by calling or scheduling a demo with us today!

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