5 Benefits to Automating Grant Management with Software

An organized, structured grant management process is what you need in order to capitalize on the funds available to admirable nonprofits like yours. For that reason, taking the necessary steps to ensure your organization is “grant-ready” is crucial. Here, we identify the many practices you should put into place when applying for grants in a timely and organized manner, along with, how our system supports you in meeting – and exceeding – each of these objectives.

Efficiently Collaborate with Grantees. Between applications, letters of intent, status reports and more, it is vital that the communication taking place between grantors and applicants is efficient and easily accessible. Avoid the potential risk of loss that incurs with multiple paper trails by keeping everything in one central location, viewable to multiple parties at once and from remotely anywhere in the world.

Prioritize Tasks. With grant management software, both donors and applicants can streamline the process of grant writing with detailed applications that provide step-by-step instructions. You can count on central support, training and tools that keep your team on track and clearly outline the deliverables expected for each portion of the grant approval process. The same holds true for donor management software, as this allows you to customize your grant application and approval process in a way that makes your decision-making easier.

Timely Updates and Amendments. Throughout the grant writing and approval process, guidelines, budgets and requirements can change. Fortunately, having access to the grant management process digitally allows for important deadlines, upcoming entries and even last-minute additions to be shared in a timely manner. These notifications allow for immediate view and response, without needing to waste resources or time printing our new documents and restarting the process

Well-written Proposals. According to one study, roughly 90 percent of grant writers have no formal training and, because of this, their funding suffers. When it comes to writing an effective grant proposal, you’ll want to ensure that you are able to competently and quickly answer the questions that grantmakers request in order to make their decision for grant approval in your favor. Having a database that provides training, tips and best practices will help you hone in on verbiage, expectations and even structured outlines that the grantor distinctly identifies as mandatory information. Over time, this can save you a great deal of man hours spent on writing grants, as the process becomes smoother with each template you save and reference back to.

Hindsight makes for Better Proposals. Grant writing takes practice! Fortunately, with all grant applications managed in the cloud, anyone on your team can easily access previous applications, data and responses, which can be used to generate new reports based on those that prompted the most favorable results. In addition to this, access to the cloud allows entry into your grant history from anywhere with an internet connection.

Overall, having efficient communication, a prioritized process, well-written narratives, timely notifications and access from anywhere make the automated grant writing process your best bet! For more information on how you can get started, visit our site for a free demo.

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