Top 3 Tips for Grant Writing Success

Your non-profit organization is an inspiring and influential group dedicated to giving back to your community and helping those in need. While money is likely not your primary motivator, your selfless service won’t get very far without funds to support your charitable cause. Enter, grants. Grants can come from the federal government, your state government or a private or other nonprofit organization. In order to locate and apply for these grants, you must have the ability to organize data and present it in a way that is appealing enough to gain approval for these generously-gifted finances.

Grant writing takes time and practice. And, even then, you may not get the grants you were hoping for. Still, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that you qualify for some you least expected. The trick? Simply committing your time, talents and even some tech to proper grant writing practices.

With over 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the United States, there are many gunning for the same funds. Do not let this deter you, however. Rather, let it excite and motivate you to stand out from the rest using our tips for grant writing success below.

You certainly want to apply for options that sound rewarding, but it is important to do your research thoroughly so that your time isn’t spent frivolously on grants that you ultimately will not meet requirements for. Make sure that you have a strong understanding of your non-profit organization and how it fits with specific categories within the grant-offering pool of providers. Then, once you’ve studied up on the grants being offered, the entities offering them, and the requirements that must be met, you can start to engage in the grant application process with confidence.

Be logical, not lofty. When writing your grant proposals , you’ll want to be very clear about who and how your organization serves, as well as, how their grant would be allocated to meet, and even exceed, those needs. Grantmakers want to know that their funds are being used well and that they are of true value to the recipients you intend to serve with. Tip: If the grants are coming from another organization, consider checking out their own missions and adopting some of the same verbiage they stand by in your own write-up. For instance, if they focus on serving a select group of people or a specific place, or use certain keywords like compassion, driven, etc, consider using these terms in your write-up as well to inspire a like-minded bond.

Be transparent about allocation. You should have a very good idea of where to grant funds are going and be able to transparently and tactfully share those details within the narrative. Make sure that every dollar is accounted for and, again, how this is an important part of the allocation process. This heightens your chance and credibility as a recipient.

Opt for grand management software. With more than 20 years of management experience, we know that successful grant management relies heavily upon organized and accurate data. Using an online grant management tool like ours allows you to benefit from a flawless and flowing process that is easy to access remotely while keeping everything tidy and safe. This effective solution has served many in the non-profit world.

Systems for Good believe in providing simple and effective solutions to streamline your business process and procedures, helping reduce administrative ‘busy-work’, eliminate inefficiencies and optimize your workflow.

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