Features A Custom Grant Management Software Can Offer

Non-profit organizations manage donations worth millions every day, and give out grants worth just as much. Needless to say, their workforce has no easy task, and requires a comprehensive software system to manage grants effectively.

A typical grant application process comprises of multiple steps, and these steps are modified based on a specific grant…and the users of the system. The better the application fits the needs of the workforce, the seamless the workflow for front-end and back-end project managers.

A custom grant management solution is ideal if you want to improve efficiency of application processes and overall productivity of your organization.

Not convinced yet? Here are some impressive features of a custom grant management system:

1. Comfortable To Use For Non-Technical Project Staff

An easy graphical user interface is a gift indeed, because not everyone on your grant management team will have a sufficient technical know-how to navigate the system without clear instructions. Make sure your grant management software is comprehensive with features yet simple enough that anyone can use it.

2. Scalable for increasing/decreasing needs

Not every organization has the same needs, not every grant application is the same, and requirements change as organizations grow. You are able to scale custom grant management software’s fields to match the requirements of each application without needing a different application.

3. Access to multimedia under one roof

Images/pictures, audio and video—you need various media elements when processing applications, especially when generating reports. The end-users should be able attach files with media formats to support their data.

4. Secure storage and migration of data

A conventional grant application process is lengthy, involving extensive amounts of data inputted, processed and stored. Custom grant management software can enable you to store previous grant files, access them when needed for reference, as well as avoid having to re-enter the same information over and over again.

5. Plays well with other systems

Last but not the least; custom grant management software can be integrated with your accounting system, any existing CRM application, and email network. You can seamlessly send grant status updates to applicants as you’re every part of your staff completes their end of the process. This is time-saving; you don’t have to leave the system to manage data.

A well-designed custom grant management solution is just the things your non-profit organization needs to establish a good rapport with donors and grantees.

Let’s talk software. Reach out to Systems for Good today to request a demo of out grants and donor management software. We’re here to help!

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