Grant Management for Foundations

Efficiently Collaboration with Grantees.

Applications, LOIs, status reports and more all in one place.  Eliminate the costly and time consuming paper trail.

Simplify Grant Reviews and Approvals.

Quick and simple review process for you and your grantees.  One click access to feedback, reports and more.

Beautiful Dashboards and Reports

Fully automated reporting and dashboard structures allow for easy quick checks of your foundation, or thorough reviews of all historical data.

Manage it all in the Cloud

Set up online forms to capture data from your grantees, automatically seek updates, and easily generate reports from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Gmail and Outlook Integration

Quickly and easily move data from emails into our system.  Systems for Good connects directly with Outlook, Gmail and most email providers.

Mobile Access

Connect to all of your data using your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Monitor your  Foundation's Impact

Set benchmarks and stretch goals for your foundation using our easy tools, and easily generate reports to track progress.

All of your finances in one place

Built in accounting features help you consolidate all of your financials and easily track and manage budgets.

Fully loaded CRM

Systems for Good provides you with cloud based grant management software to control every aspect of your business dealings, grantees, and workforce.  Systems for good streamlines your engagement with your partners, board members and reviewers.

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